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July 17, 2023

How Do I Operate The ADT Command Panel In Austin?

The heart of your home security system, ADT Command is a high-performing touchscreen that connects with all of your incorporated components. You are able to arm your system, adjust home automation settings, and even speak directly to monitoring specialists. The likelihood is that you’ll have no issues operating this easy-to-use interface, but to aid you in getting started, it’s a great idea to investigate several of its primary features.

What Might You Do With ADT Command In Austin?

Before delving into the basics of how to use it, think about what this central home security hub can do. Above all else, ADT Command is where you can activate and deactivate your system, but it’s suitable for so much more.

When utilizing ADT Command, you are able to:

  • Custom-tailor home automation with your own schedules, rules, or scenes. To illustrate, you are able to have your front door secure automatically when the system is engaged or have lighting switch on at specified times.
  • Unlock or lock doors.
  • View real-time footage or pre-recorded clips of your doorbell, outdoor, or indoor cameras.
  • Communicate through the bi-directional talk component or reach out to ADT directly in case of an emergency.
  • Integrate with your smart speaker.
  • Make changes to users and Wi-Fi settings.

Becoming Acquainted With Your ADT Command Panel In Austin

Simply familiarizing yourself with the touchscreen is one of the most sensible things to do when it’s first installed. That begins with the home display. You’ll notice a big symbol that shows your current status - such as “Armed Stay.” Beneath, you’ll see smaller icons that indicate different arming alternatives. Touch them anytime you want to modify your status. The custom arming choice is useful as it gives you the chance to circumvent specified sensors. Want to leave a window open at night for a bit of fresh air without activating the alarm? That won’t be a problem.

At the top left, you’ll notice a Wi-Fi icon that displays your internet connectivity and a mailbox symbol where you can get notices from ADT. On the right-hand side, you’ll notice symbols for scenes, home automation, and zones. At the top right, you’ll discover emergency alarm buttons. You’ll have the choice to press for police, fire, or personal. Your monitoring agents will notify the right emergency personnel based on your choice.

The arrow to the right-hand side will take you to additional options. There, you’ll find access to the system’s tools. Touch this symbol, input your security code, and then you’ll have the opportunity to manage Wi-Fi and general settings, users, and much more. You’ll even find support videos if you need assistance.

Arming Your System Via The ADT Command Panel

The touchscreen panel makes arming your system fast and simple. All you need to do is choose the indicator you wish to use from the home display. Your possible selections are Arm Custom, Arm Away, and Arm Stay. If your residence will be vacant, the away choice is the most suitable selection. You might opt to “quick arm,” which doesn’t require a password, or to postpone the alarm. This will trigger a countdown, giving you the chance to leave before the system activates. Arm Stay is the appropriate choice if somebody is on site. The custom option allows you to bypass certain devices and also operates on a delay.

Once you know the fundamentals of arming your system, you can start exploring the other remarkable features.

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