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March 01, 2022

How Can Geofencing In Austin Enhance A Security System?

Today's home security solutions have become increasingly more intelligent. But, unfortunately, you may still neglect to complete easy security duties like arming your home security, shutting the garage door, or even securing your front door.

Would you like it if you didn’t have to remember doing these chores ever again? With geofencing in Austin, you don’t have to.

What is Geofencing In Austin For Security Systems?

Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around your residence, which you may arrange in your cell phone app. This modern home security option then uses your mobile device to see when you go past the boundary and then puts in motion your “leaving-the-house” automations.

How Is Geofencing Possible?

Geofencing functions through z-wave, a protocol for wireless communications that smart devices take advantage of to communicate with one another. This technological advancement takes smart home devices further by putting all components onto one, unified network. You can then draw specific boundaries along the perimeter of your house and assign particular actions when you go past the boundary.

To illustrate, when you pull away from your property, you can instruct your security system to engage door locks, shut the garage door, and turn on your alarm. Then, when you come back home, geofencing can inform your system to disengage the alarm, open the garage, brighten first-floor lights, and even change your your home’s comfort levels.

Here are several of the devices you may manage with geofencing:

● Lighting

● Connected thermostats

● Surveillance and alarms

● Electronic devices such as speakers or TVs

● Garage door sensors

Schedules, Scenes, And Geofencing Are Available In Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is one of the many ways you can use your home security system in Austin. With the mobile app, you have the ability to reap the benefits of automation. With just a few taps of a button, and you have the opportunity to:

● Program schedules: program your smart alarms and cameras to activate at the times of your choice. Direct various lights to turn down to indicate that it's time for bed, or disengage your home’s alarm when you get up.

● Define how devices react to one another: Make certain components activate based on another activity. Direct your thermostat to turn on the connected fan when a smoke detector is set off. Or switch on your smart bulb in the hallway if your surveillance system notices abnormal activity in the yard.

● Preprogram scenes: Create room and event scenes with various smart components that all act in unison. Have your lights turn off, the temperature go down, and the smart locks engage when it's time for bed. Or customize a scene for movie night with preset light and HVAC adjustments.

● Take advantage of geofencing: You may not always remember to enable your alarm system when you're running late for work. With geofencing capability and your cell phone, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on your alarms and shut the garage door.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Geofencing in Austin

Whether you seek additional certainty of a completely secure residence whenever you leave or you wish to explore your home automation options, geofencing is a wise choice. Talk to a skilled member of our team today at (512) 641-0712 or submit the form below to start designing your optimal security system.