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May 05, 2021

Command Your Austin Security System With Alexa or Google Nest

Did you know you can control your Austin home security system with your voice-controlled smart speakers? Wouldn’t it be amazing if your Austin home security system was more intuitive? Well, good news! Using voice commands from your smart speaker with your Austin ADT security system you can create an amazing boost.

Your AI assistants like Alexa or Google can link to your wireless system to turn on your smart lights, activate your door locks, and send system notifications to your smartphone and ADT monitoring experts. Then when you’re ready for bed or to run some errands, all you have to say is “Goodbye,” and your system will slip into guard mode. That’s a nice advantage when you’re rushing to lock up quickly and don’t want to pull up the smartphone app.

Here’s how using your Austin security system with Google Nest or Alexa works:

Turn On The ADT Control Using The Alexa or Google App

To make your AI assistant understand the voice commands for your security and automation system, you’ll want to enable the ADT skill in the Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa app. Then you can instruct your devices to perform a majority of of the things that you can manage in your ADT Control app. With natural voice prompts, you can disarm or arm your alarms, adjust your smart lights and smart thermostat, or check if the garage door is up.

Then again, you could use separate Google or Alexa skills to work with each security and automation item, but that can seem like a mess. One of the advantages of pairing your Austin security system to Google Nest or Alexa is that every voice command for every component is conveniently found in a singular place. Luckily, you can customize your home with alarms, automation, and security cameras and pair them with Google Nest or Alexa on install.

What Voice Controls Can You Use When You Pair Your Austin Security System To Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa?

Google and Alexa can do more things than just turning off the lights or disarming your alarm system. You might want to find out the status of your sensors or change your thermostat to a predetermined setting. You might also command your AI assistant to schedule your alarms and cameras just like you could in the ADT app.

Try out these commands for your Google Nest or Amazon's Alexa:

  • “Arm my home security system.”

  • “Lock the back door.”

  • “Turn off my porch light.”

  • “Did I close the garage door?”

  • “Record a clip from my doorbell camera.”

  • “How cold is it in here?”

You might also set a routine in the Google or Alexa app that combines multiple components together. For instance, say “Alexa, I’m leaving,” and trigger your smart door locks, turn on your alarms, turn down the smart thermostat, and turn off your smart lights. Or set up a routine for “bedtime,” and let your lights, thermostat, and other devices automatically adjust. The devices you can combine together in a personalized scene are almost limitless.

Multiple Mobile Devices

Should You Order All Your Automated Devices From A Single Place Or Mix And Match?

Is connecting your Austin security system to Alexa or Google Nest easier if you get your alarms and cameras from the same place, or can you mix and match? While you can use different components -- most use z-wave tech -- sometimes it’s simpler to have all your smart home devices linked at the same time.

When you have your devices installed at one time, you instantly create a powerful, cohesive security system from the start. Then you can design away and create routines and groups, and know all your components will perform seamlessly on day one. You could mix and match your smart alarms and cameras as you go, but then you will have to troubleshoot to get them to work together. Simply ensure that any extra alarms, cameras, or smart items are paired to your ADT system first, and then have your AI assistant respond with the ADT phrases.

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